Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Part 3: Bacon wrapped jalapenos!

I considered these sinful delights as devils food. They are delirously evil and far worst, addictive! The heat of the jalapenos married with the texture of cream cheese and to top it of the the crispy bacon, just explodes in your mouth. And if you are like me, I tend to top one offwith another at a fairly consistent pace and it is only after consuming a fair dozen or so, I feel the effects and try to guzzle down any form liquids to eleviate the manic activity that had just taken place in the cave of my mouth. But fear not, as I am always ready for the next round.

I stumbled upon this recipe from another food bloggers site - and if i could only remember, I would take off my hat to you and give you credit for this grand recipe. Anyways, I did stumble across this recipe in my search for foods I could make and create on a stick for my "On a Stick" housewarming party. The house warming party never eventuated (due to lack of preparation, my tendency to procrastinate and organising people availability - but I'm not staying it will never happen!) but it didn't stop me from making these little suckers. And now I'm forever in love.....

Green jalapenos
strips of bacon rashes (cut into thirds)
tub of philly's cream cheese

1. Halve the jalapenos and scoop seeds and membranes out. Hint: wash hands thoroughly after this step or face the consequences (trust me, as my eye twitches whilst typing this post)

2. Spoon a generous amount of cream cheese into the cavity of the jalapenos.

3. Wrap bacon around and secure with the toothpick

4. Arrange on a tray and bake in oven at 200 degrees for approx 20 mins
Before serving let it cool. (Or if you're like me eat and burn the bridge of you mouth)


Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm) said...

I had a chili rush at Thai shop recently - it is a jalapeno, stuffed with mozzarella cheese, wrapped in phyllo pastry and deep fried. I love your version - the bacon giving it a salty, smokey touch!Well done!

kimmy said...

thanks nina! ooooohhhh, I've never tried jalapeno stuffed with mozz & wrapped in phylo pastry, sounds just as evil- will attempt to try it.

Anonymous said...

I think you might have seen these on

They are YUMMY. :)

kimmy said...

Thanx Anon... OMG! Yes it was where I got the recipe. Fantastic site and brilliant cook and photographer....

thanks for dropping by

Anonymous said...

You should try adding a piece of flank steak, preferably marinaded. We call them Cajun Grasshoppers... actually can make a meal out of them when combined with a nice salad.

Mellisa said...

Try wrapping nice thick pieces of bacon around artichoke hearts and grilling those. I love using peppered bacon OH so yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds so good

Joanie said...

Love your site, and gave you a free ad under my preferred travel directory. Best Wishes, Joanie's Tips